Linense 0-4 Palmeiras

The “Volta Cuca” phalanx of Palmeiras’ supporters are found silent, as our men performed very well away against Linense in the fourth round of the São Paulo championship. Collective, objective and with rapid transitions, the four goals came naturally, signed Willian, Raphael Veiga, Michel Bastos and Lucas Barrios. Without a weak card in the Palmeiras deck tonight, both Bastos and Keno had a splendid evening, only toppled by Dudu, masterfully distributing the game from an advanced position and directly involved in all four braces. The starting line-up consisted of Fernando Prass; Jean, Yerry Mina, Vítor Hugo and Egídio; Felipe Melo, Moisés, Michel Bastos, Raphael Veiga and Dudu; Willian. Keno came on for Moisés already in the first half, Barrios substituted Willian in the second, and Thiago Santos came on for Melo. Highlights below.

The one downside to the evening was a considerable one: Moisés carried out on a stretcher after a bad foul, his knee having taken the hit in a far from healthy angle. The severity of the injury will only be known tomorrow, but better prepare for the rest of this semester without him.

Some training and rest ahead of Wednesday’s away derby against Corinthians, Palmeiras players and supporters now riding on a considerable confidence boost.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. The positive things about today’s match are several, there’s no need to list and talk about: Good football shown and different players scoring and being helpful.

    I’d say I’m just worried about Eduardo Batista keeping Dracena in the main line-up even having Mina fully recovered, The discrepancy of technic and physic from Yerry Mina to Dracena is huge, no possibility of making a different choice but the obvious.

    Why do I think that? Sometimes, the coach rather to preserve a good position with the leaders of the team than thinking right and doing right. Maybe he might be afraid of Dracena’s reaction if taken from the starting line-up.

    1. Anon, I also think Mina is superior to Dracena, the latter being an excellent backup on the bench. I wouldn’t worry too much about Dracena though: last year he was on the bench a lot, never creating problems, and when given opportunity, stepping it up on the pitch. I am more puzzled by Barrios’ situation and was pleased when he not only came on today, but performed well. Hopefully a signal he’s staying with us. Cheers, and thanks for leaving your comments!

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