Santos 1-0 Palmeiras – Atlas shrugs

It was beautiful in theory, in the imagination of palmeirenses near and far: a draw between Atlético and Flamengo, then Palmeiras beating Santos at the Vila Belmiro – something we have not seen in five years – to virtually secure the title. The first part of the script went as clockwork, our direct contenders drawing 2-2. Santos vs Palmeiras proved an affair every bit as even, but the odd fluky goal awarded the three points to our opponents, maintaining the Vila taboo. An absolutely normal result, under any circumstance.

For most Palmeiras supporters, momentary frustration gave way to the recognition that the outlook continues excellent. Although the gap narrowed from six to five points, with five rounds to go, the odds in our favour actually increased. Especially considering Palmeiras play three of remaining five games at the Allianz Parque.

Also coach Cuca chose to minimise the defeat, acknowledging that Palmeiras might not have played that well, but that no time would be wasted contemplating what could have been. Cuca, the squad, and most of the supporters know how to shrug this off, focusing on an intense week of preparations ahead of upcoming Sunday’s clash at home against relegation-threatened Internacional. Only absentee on Palmeiras’ side is Moisés, who yesterday received his third booking.

Below, the game highlights. You will find Vinícius Silvestre between the posts, the 22-year-old’s debut in a starting eleven, filling in well for Jaílson. Promising kid, this one.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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