Palmeiras 4-3 Grêmio

Time will tell if what we witnessed Thursday was just a really good game, or an actual turning point. Grêmio, who had not suffered a goal so far in the Brasileirão, were punctured four times: three assists by Dudu, surgically finding Gabriel Jesus, Vítor Hugo and Thiago Santos; Roger Guedes doing a stunt by himself. Cuca surprised everyone placing Thiago Santos in the centre-lock with Vítor Hugo, although he floated in and out of position, almost like a retracted defensive midfielder. Moisés had another chance at playmaking, while Alecsandro assumed centre-forward, Gabriel Jesus operating more to the sides. With 1:30 on the clock, Palmeiras opened the scorecard.

Palmeiras’ squad showed great determination and mental stability, suffering an absurdly offside equalizer on stoppage time in the first half before watching Grêmio take the lead early in the second half. Guedes luckily pulled his trick in the right moment and Palmeiras then steamrolled all over the opponent. A little bit of pressure from Grêmio in the last five minutes, but the three point were never in danger. With that, Palmeiras jumped to fifth position in the tables, four point behind Internacional and trailing the one point behind Corinthians, Grêmio and Flamengo. And through his header, Vítor Hugo is one goal from entering Palmeiras’ list of top 10 fullback goalscorers. Enjoy the highlights.

Tomorrow’s game is of elevated importance not only because it is against direct contender Flamengo, but also because it takes place in Brasilia: rarely am I able to welcome Palmeiras in my new hometown. Mrs Viking will turn into Mrs Palmeiras for a few hours, as I’m taking her along for the ride. Looking forward to meeting old and new friends at the Mané Garrincha stadium, with another splendid Palmeiras performance as backsplash, featuring Cleiton Xavier in great form thank you very much.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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