Half full or half empty?

Out of the last nine points, Palmeiras have pocketed four. Time for panic? On the contrary. Palmeiras are rapidly evolving, game by game showing maturity, meshing and tactical disposition. The squad seems in harmony and coach Dorival in control. It’s actually only Wesley who’s in a league of his own, but unfortunately it’s not a good league.

We’ve already dealt with the 2-1 against Grêmio. The following game, against Santos, Palmeiras played brilliantly until the end of the first half, when two mistakes led to rapid counter-attacks and 0-2 on the scorecard. Santos were allowed an offside goal early in the second half, with Palmeiras finding the net with Henrique, always Henrique, close to the final whistle. A painful 1-3 defeat, but Palmeiras actually played well for most of the game, and especially in the first half.

crupal2014Last Wednesday, away against leader of the pack Cruzeiro, anything but defeat would be reason for celebration. Cruzeiro did have the upper hand during most of the game, forcing Prass to show all his tricks between the posts, before Mouche opened up the scorecard at 43 minutes of the second half and went bananas: a miracle was materialising before our very eyes! A miracle to be shattered when Dagoberto equalised on stoppage time. Oh well, drawing against Cruzeiro, at the Mineirão, is a terrific result under current circumstances. And again: Palmeiras went in there heart and soul. If the team keeps it up for the remainder of the championship, forget relegation.

Tomorrow, the biggest derby in the city of São Paulo: Palmeiras vs. Corinthians. It will most likely be the last time the clash takes place at the Pacaembu stadium: Corinthians already have the butt-ugly HP printer-designed “Itaqueirão” to call home, and Palmeiras will start using the Allianz Parque as of next month. Palmeiras haven’t beaten Corinthians in the last three years, and haven’t beaten them at the Pacaembu for an astonishing 19 years. What better day to break these taboos than tomorrow?

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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