12 June 1993

trophy1993Today, 12 June 2013, palmeirenses all over the world celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1993 São Paulo Cup title, which ended an almost 17 years long streak without a title – the longest period in the club’s history. For many – in fact for a whole generation – that title meant everything. Grown up men and women who had never commemorated a championship title could finally take to the streets and let out the roar:


The starting eleven was composed of Sérgio; Mazinho, Antonio Carlos, Tonhão, Roberto Carlos; César Sampaio, Daniel, Zinho; Edmundo, Edílson and Evair. Toward the end, Alexandre Rosa and Jean Carlo also came on. These, together with coach Luxemburgo, were the responsible for trashing Corinthinas 4-0 on that glorious night at the Murumbi stadium before 104.401 paying spectators.
The campaign consisted of 38 games with 26 victories, 6 draws and 6 losses. A total of 72 goals scored.

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