Palmeiras touching Belgian hearts

Cultural differences and language barriers mean nothing when you are touched by passion. I am living proof. So are Tommy, Jens and Tom: three Belgian men who come together as the indie pop/rock band “Garcia Goodbye”.

In 2011, the band was in São Paulo to perform. Friends gave them Palmeiras jerseys and, according to Tommy, they wear them with pride ever since. Due to a tight schedule they had no time to attend a game back then, but they have made a promise to themselves to go back to São Paulo and do exactly that.

In the meantime, the three guys follow our Verdão from a distance, hoping for a quick return to the first division.

Below, a video from last Sunday, with two of the band members performing live on a local radio show. Tommy’s sporting his Palmeiras jersey, shouting out – in Portuguese – to all Palmeiras fans at the end of the song “You Know Exactly How I Feel”.*

Perhaps, one day in the future, Garcia Goodbye will know exactly how it feels to perform at the Allianz Parque…

Passion knows no boundaries. Neither do Palmeiras.


*credits to Verdazzo for making us aware of the video

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