Tonight, I’d say just about anything is possible. Really. Palmeiras could crash completely or defeat Grêmio 3-0. There’s simply no telling. Personally, I don’t believe in any “normal” result, I believe we’ll see extremes, good or bad. To all the warriors that are entering the stands at the Olímpico stadium tonight, cheering Palmeiras forward, my DEEPEST respect.

Keeping up the positive spirit, here’s a rundown of (at least not negative) events that haven’t been treated in this space before:

Saint Marcos has set a date for his farewell game, and a very suitable one: 12.12.2012.  Opponents are yet to be chosen.

Centreback Henrique has signed with Palmeiras for the coming five years. The deal was actually announced already in late March but was formalised only recently due to internal processes at Barcelona; apparently the directors were questioned regarding the fact that Henrique was sold to Palmeiras for considerably less than the purchase amount back in 2008.

Marcos Assunção has launched his personal website, check it out on http://marcosassuncao20.com.br

And wrapping things up for tonight, the suspect of the express kidnapping/hijacking of Valdivia and his wife Daniela has already been identified and arrested by the São Paulo police.



  1. Night, Kristian Bengtson.
    Our Palestra is most wonderful and unpredictable team in world. When I wait for a defeat, probably shame, surprise! Fantastic victory, the focused and mortal squad. Ave Palmeiras, until the Copa do Brasil’s finals!!!!!!
    Excuse for my poor English….

    1. Dear “Porco Verde”, who cares about “proper” English on a night like this? Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, sharing with all of us on such a joyful evening! Always, ALWAYS AVANTI! And you, my friend: volte sempre!

  2. You missed by a whisker. 2-0 and the best display in months, plus Felipão smiling again… very proud of what the guys did yesterday. Lets celebrate until next wednesday because we do deserve it !

    1. Yes, indeed by a whisker! I wish I could be more of a “boca santa” also in the future… ; )

      Vasco on Sunday then the tense second leg next Thursday. Again, at the Barueri arena. It’s a crime what they are having the supporter endure to see his team play “home” games.


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