Grêmio 0-2 Palmeiras

Grêmio 0-2 Palmeiras. Allow me to repeat that: Grêmio 0-2 Palmeiras.

Yesterday was like having the “old” Palmeiras back with the “old” Luiz Felipe Scolari. In an unexpected 3-5-2 with Henrique as libero and with all players perfectly focused on their tactical (and mainly defensive) roles, Palmeiras were able to nullify Grêmio for most of the game, slowly cooking the stew and then, in a blitz with the crucial participation of fresh legs Mazinho and Cicinho, scoring twice in the last few minutes before hearing the final whistle. Assunção, after the game, dedicated the victory to Valdivia.

PALMEIRAS: Bruno; Maurício Ramos, Henrique and Thiago Heleno; Artur (Cicinho, 19′ 2nd H), João Vitor, Marcos Assunção, Daniel Carvalho (Mazinho, 40′ 2nd H) and Juninho; Luan and Barcos.

GRÊMIO: Victor; Gabriel, Gilberto Silva, Werley and Pará; Fernando, Souza, Léo Gago and Marco Antônio (Rondinelly, 30′ 2nd H); Miralles (Marcelo Moreno, 15′ 2nd H) and Kleber (André Lima, 15′ 2nd H).

The result is epic in its proportions considering the retrospect of both teams in recent times: while Palmeiras have gone from bad to worse, Grêmio have won all their games in the Brazil Cup 2012 and can on the whole show very impressive numbers when playing in the cauldron of the Olímpico stadium. Now, nothing is to be taking for granted and Palmeiras must continue as focused as ever for the return game: Grêmio are tradition and pride and will do their outmost to reverse the score coming Thursday. Expect a very tense game, not least due to the tough love Kleber aka Judas received yesterday and the strong albeit friendly rivalry between coaches Scolari and Luxemburgo.

Only negative aspects of yesterday’s clash were Artur’s possible muscle injury and the weak performance by Daniel Carvalho; in the (permanent?) absence of Valdivia, Daniel is Palmeiras’ only true playmaker and his form will be important in shaping the team’s offensive capacity during the course of the year.

Tonight at the Murumbi stadium, São Paulo and Coritiba battle it out for the other spot in the finals.



  1. Wonderful! Keep up the good work with the blog.

    Now, if only Sweden can win against England tomorrow this week will be a great week 🙂

    1. Cheers Adam, will do. Ah, it’s so much pleasure when you have at least ONE good/great/fantastic moment to write about. It was getting oh so depressing.

      You know what? I think Sweden will beat England. 2-0.


  2. Hi Kristian, My name is Milton, and came here from Fabio Tatus´ blog at That´s almost unbeliavable to me there is a TRUE (not a Brazilian immigrant) swedish guy who is a Palmeiras´s fan. My family (both grandfathers, grandmothers, father, mother, sister…) is totally GREEN, and as you can notice by my surname, it is an Italian tradition. Two of my chlldren are PALMEIRENSES as well. Nothing is perfect, however, since my wife is a (more or less) Corinthians´ fan.
    I am really happy with yesterday´s score. Even in my best dreams it is was hard to believe Palmeiras would play in such serious way. Congratulations this time to Felipão.
    Now I know your blog I will follow your posts, this place is wonderfull to enlarge the love for PALMEIRAS worldwide.

    Cheers mate,


    1. Hello Milton,

      First of all, thank you so much for the positive feedback! As I always say: receiving comments like yours serve as my fuel.

      Just out of curiosity: you mention that two of your children are palmeirenses… I take it that you have more children, and that they went astray? ; )

      Please, keep visiting this space and help spreading the word. You know, we have visitors coming from more than 130 countries and an average 250 page hits per day, so I’d say there’s a lot of interest out there for our glorious team. And yes, as Pepe of the Antena Verde uses to say: I am “o sueco mais palmeirense no mundo”.


  3. Kristian, indeed I have four children, two girls and two boys. The two younger ones are palmeirenses (a boy, André, 6yo and a girl, Mariana 8yo), the boy is five y.o., being a fanatic already. My older daughter (Cecília) doesn´t care on soccer (she´s almost 20 and lives in Ireland). Finally there is Pedro, 13yo, a Corinthians´fan like his mother. But, as Cecília, he doesnt like soccer, being just a Corinthians´ fan to pester me.

    Congratulations for all your work! 250 hits per day in 130 countries is a very good mark!


    1. Irelind must be nice. And how they sing (did you see the game yesterday against Spain?).

      Just a clarification: it’s not 130 countries visiting per day but that’s the total amout of different countries from where people have visited. Just thought I’d make that clear. : )


      1. OK Kristian, I did understand the 130 countries. That was a bad writing of mine!
        It appears music occupies a good portion of the Irish soul. My daughter is always telling me how they like their folk music. The country is amazing indeed.
        But on the Irish soccer… It´s not that beautiful…But the fans are awesome!

      2. Milton, I didn’t think you misunderstood, bit I explained it poorly and as a lot of people read the comments… Better be on the safe side. : )

        Imagine if Brazilian fans could sing like the Irish? Beautiful football AND singing (and women…). Now THAT would be something!

        Cheers, have a great weekend!

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