President Tirone’s superior crisis management skills

Exactly a decade after the painful relegation of 2002, we’re at it again. This time it hurts less, possibly because we’ve gotten used to the ultimate price of our archaic club structure and saw it coming from miles away. Still, relegation is undeniably a crisis that rocks the club and the Palmeiras brand in many ways – operationally, financially, emotionally – in addition to marking millions of supporters.

Recent events don’t keep president Tirone from repeatedly asserting that “we’re on the right track”, as yesterday night when faced with the fact of relegation. Although with tears in his eyes, he concluded that “the club today is calmer, the bookkeeping in order and that everything necessary has been done correctly”. Tirone sees no shadow over him or his directors.

One can easily imagine a dozen suitable activities for a president of a football club the size of Palmeiras indulge in the day after relegation: greeting players upon their return to São Paulo; set up meetings with directors, staff and associates; participate in press conferences; launch new campaigns and action plans; contact partners and sponsors; you name it.

President Tirone chose a different approach. He took a day off on the beach of Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. Now that’s what I call crisis management. No, wait, my bad: there is no crisis, right Tirone? Right.

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  1. No crisis at all, indeed… Oh no, wait: relegation is not exactly a prize, right? Thanks God there’s still seriousness ruling others sports. And clubs…

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