Touches of cruelty, part II

Of course you remember last Sunday’s game against Fluminense. You remember the script. Guess what: the same guy must have landed a larger contract than we thought, because he certainly wrote today’s script as well – or is there any other plausible explanation for Palmeiras opening up the scorecard with just-as-unlikely-hero-as-Betinho forward Vinícius, then having Maikon Leite blow the chance of his lifetime, then with only minutes remaining have former Palmeiras player Vagner Love see his shot deflected off man-of-the-match Correa and find the net behind a beaten Bruno?

And what about the three yellow cards distributed, surgically removing Barcos, Márcio Araújo and abovementioned Correa for next week’s game against Atlético Goianense? Not that it might matter at all: in less than an hour we’ll know if Portuguesa managed a point against Grêmio and mathematically pushed Palmeiras down to the second division.

Palmeiras were the better team today, even with the pressure of a ton on everyone’s shoulders. The result, a blueprint of this whole season of the Brasileirão.

President Tirone gave an interview yesterday. Questioned about what he could have done differently, he answered “I have responsibility. Guilt? I don’t feel any guilt. You might feel guilt when you’ve done something very wrong. What would be very wrong? If I hadn’t paid the salaries. The players have a private life, they depend on their salaries. That could influence performance on the pitch. We reinforced the squad. What must the president do? Visit, support, administer the club with honesty and competence, pay the bills and give attention to the club. That’s what I’ve done.” And he concludes, once again: “I think we got unlucky”.

Mr Tirone, I wish you were right. If it was only bad luck that had brought you to preside Palmeiras, things would change to the better as soon as your mandate expires end of December. But no: Palmeiras have been infested by incompetent directors for decades, e reflexion of our incompetent conseglieri, the archaic statutes, the lack of commitment, the vanity of the few. We pay the price, once again.

We pay the price.

— ooo —

EDIT: With Bahia beating Ponte Preta 1-0 and Portuguesa drawing two all with Grêmio, Palmeiras are formally and officially relegated together with Atlético Goianense, Figueirense and another team yet to be defined only in the finals rounds. Next year we can look forward to clashes with the likes of Boa Esporte, ABC and ASA.


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