Palmeiras’ Trophy Room inaugurated

Last Thursday, on the day of the club’s 107th birthday and in the presence of authorities, idols and guests, Palmeiras finally inaugurated the long overdue Trophy Room, located on the first floor of the Allianz Parque. Over the past two and a half months, more than 200 people worked to have the Trophy Room delivered in time for the club’s anniversary celebration. The ceremony, abiding Covid-19’s pandemic safety protocols, was broadcast live on TV Palmeiras Plus. Palmeiras president Maurício Galiotte highlighted the importance of the approximately 2200m² large space, which brings together more than five thousand cups won by the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras in different modalities throughout the years.

“Today is a very special day for all palmeirenses. We are celebrating the club’s anniversary by giving a great gift to our supporters. After many years of waiting, our trophies are back in the Palestra Italia. Inaugurating the Trophy Room was a commitment of this management vis-à-vis the club and supporters. The board of directors of Palmeiras, together with WTorre, have the pleasure and satisfaction of delivering this gift to them”, said Galiotte. “Now, get ready, you will be thrilled”, he continued. “In here there is a lot of emotion, a lot of achievements, a lot of glories. And we, palmeirenses, are moved when we see all this history on display. Supporters, congratulations! The Trophy Room belongs to you, it belongs to Palmeiras”, he concluded.

During the ceremony, which lasted about two hours, TV Palmeiras Plus interviewed historians and representatives of some of the greatest Palmeiras squads of all times. TV Palmeiras Plus also toured the space to show some of the treasures that visitors will see up close as of September 20, when the Trophy Room opens to the public – visiting hours and ticket prices will be announced shortly.

The main cups on display are divided into niches that highlight the major competitions won by The Big Green, such as the World Club Cup (1951), the Libertadores (1999 and 2020) and the Brazilian Championship (1960, 1967, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1993 , 1994, 2016 and 2018), among others. Specific areas have been created for youth division cups won by the club, in women’s football and in Olympic sports.

There is also a space dedicated to the Palmeiras team that represented Brazil in the friendly at the opening of the Mineirão in 1965, and to the episode known as the Arrancada Heróica, in which the club was forced to change its name: from Palestra Italia to Palestra de São Paulo and then to Palmeiras. Visitors can also admire the piano where Italian-Brazilian conductor Antônio Sergi immortalized the Palmeiras anthem.

Below, check out the complete Trophy Room opening event as broadcasted on TV Palmeiras/FAM.

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