Botafogo 1-2 Palmeiras – JACKPOT

On the night that Luiz Felipe Scolari reached the mark of 400 games for Palmeiras (191 victories, 110 draws e 99 defeats), Barcos and Bruno secured the first victory ever in the history of Botafogo vs. Palmeiras at the João Havelange stadium – the Engenhão. If it hadn’t been for one of the most absurd linesman error I’ve ever seen, Barcos would have a new hat-trick in his CV. Luckily, the extra goal wasn’t “needed”, but the last 15 minutes were never-ending agony as Botafogo adopted the all-or-nothing final pressure and hit Bruno’s goalpost on stoppage time. On the whole, Palmeiras did not play well (although with much disposition) and the game could have gone either way. Again: the standout performances of Barcos and Bruno made all the difference.

Our taboo-breaking heroes for the night: Bruno; Artur, Maurício Ramos, Leandro Amaro and Juninho; Henrique, Marcos Assunção Patrik (Betinho 38′ 2nd H) and Fernandinho; Obina (Daniel Carvalho 17′ 2nd H) and Barcos.


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