Sonar pings #29

Bahia are expecting a full house against Palmeiras on Sunday and it seems likely supporters will correspond: by Thursday night close to 20.000 tickets had been sold already. Bahia are in a similar situation as Palmeiras and could, depending on the results of other games taking place on Saturday and earlier on Sunday, even settle for a draw. The one point would also secure Palmeiras’ spot in the first division next year, while three points would dramatically increase possibilities to also snatch a South America Cup spot, transforming 2011 into something not utterly useless.

An additional incentive is that anything but a win would sacrament Palmeiras’ longest lasting run in the Brazilian Championship without a win in the club’s history. In the last ten rounds Palmeiras sum up five draws and five losses, exactly the score back in 1985. God help us.

Or Valdiva help us, perhaps? The Chilean midfielder has been training regularly after returning prematurely from the gathering of his country’s national team and should be available for Sunday’s game. It would be exciting to test him out with Patrik or why not Carmona by his side.

In parallel to the day-to-day activities, preparations for 2012 are under way. Everything indicate that Luiz Felipe Scolari stays with Palmeiras also next year. He has submitted a “wish list” to the directors and negotiations are apparently happening with a number of players, some of them currently playing abroad. Staying in line with this blog’s policy, a minimum of speculation will take place: you’ll read it here when papers have been signed or at least are about to be.

Finally, a wish for good luck to the Palmeiras sub-17 team in their first leg final against Santos, taking place at 10am tomorrow Saturday! Go, Verdinho!


    1. Yes, there are. As always at Palmeiras. I’ve seen the supposed list of names and I’m sure it’s easy to find if you do a bit of digging, but you won’t get it from me. My position is that this type of thing only harms Palmeiras and put the spotlights on what possibly was/should have been handled backstage, thus making prices go up and other teams interested in “our” prospects. Better to keep it low key and celebrate when papers have been signed. : )

      Cheers Rafa, have a great weekend!

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