Finally some good news

Don’t pop it yet, but you might want to leave it to chill. Rumour on the street is that the Argentinean offensive midfielder/attacker Alejandre Martinuccio, at Uruguayan Peñarol until the end of this month, indeed has signed a pre-contract with Palmeiras. Apparently, the contract is quite detailed; the player has signed for a period of three years and monthly salaries are already set at the equivalent in Brazilian reais of US$ 42.000 the first year, US$ 48.000 the second and US$ 54.000 the third. In addition, Palmeiras pays the investment group BMY (holder of the rights to Martinuccio) US$ 500.000 for a 20% share in the player. When/if the player is sold to another club, Palmeiras receive 20% of any transfer sum below € 6 million (roughly US$ 8.7 million); any exceeding revenues are split 50-50 between Palmeiras and BMY.

In case Martinuccio wants to break the contract, for example in order to sign for another club, the fine is set to rather hefty R$ 50 million, a little over US$ 32 million.

If the Martinuccio transaction goes through, all credit goes to the current Palmeiras directors, especially president Arnaldo Tirone and director of football Roberto Frizzo. They adopted the same procedure to bring in Maikon Leite, who signed a pre-agreement with Palmeiras many months before actually arriving in late June. Santos tried their best to nullify the agreement, but in the end realised there was nothing they could do. Let’s hope nothing comes in between Palmeiras and Martinuccio; personally, I pop the bottle when Martinuccio pulls the green jersey on in front of the gathered journalists, not a second earlier.


  1. Hi Kristian,
    got to know your blog through a link in Mondo Palmeiras and it was strange to know that the “Mídia Palestrina” have a site in english written by a swedish guy! Nice one man. Weird but nice!
    I’ll tell you something, I’ve lived in England for quite some time and while I was there I had a swedish girlfriend and we were actually living together for more than a year, pretty much like husband and wife, so you have a brazilian wife and I almost had a swedish one, but the funny thing is that she was a Västra Frölunda supporter and of course, Västra Frölunda became my team in Sweden, specially when I found out that they had the same colours as our adored Palmeiras, but differently than you, I know absolutely nothing about them and you, man, you translated our anthem!!!
    It’s hard to understand even for us, in portuguese!!!
    That’s the weirdest part!!!
    Congrats my friend! Good luck to you. Keep it up and never stop to spred the word to rest of the world: PALMEIRAS IS THE GREATEST!!!!

    1. Hi Fernando,

      “Weird but nice” was the funniest thing. Perhaps you should start up a blog about Västra Frölunda? We could be like the “Batman & Robin” of football blogging. Now THAT would be weird! : )

      Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging comments. It’s things like these that fuel my desire to keep it up: my love for Palmeiras and the positive feedback I receive from all over the world. A few people have entered in contact wanting to know where and how to buy jerseys and stuff. And the other day I helped a man from the Philippenes: he’s visiting São Paulo with a friend and wanted to see a football match, he had done a bit of research, found my blog and decided: we’re palmeirenses! Ain’t that cool? He’s getting tickets for the Palmeiras-Flamengo game on 17 July.

      I hope you come back often. Also, comments and/or negative feedback is important to me. I always look to improve.

      Are you still living abroad or back in Brazil already?

  2. Hi Kris,
    I am living in São Paulo. Got 2 kids now, but I still in touch with all my friends abroad thanks to the internet.
    Let me tell you something, if you made a guy from Philippines become a palmeirense, you already did a lot more for Palmeiras than the last directors and presidents did over the last years. These guys have been working so hard to push us down the drain and they’re doing such a good job at it, that I am pretty sure they are corinthianos undercover. Parabéns and good luck for us!

    I will try to come back to your blog whenever I can.

    Cheers mate!

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