Palmeiras 1-0 Guarani

Luiz Felipe Scolari opted for testing several less experienced players in yesterday’s game against Guarani. Palmeiras came in a 3-5-2 with Bruno between the posts, Leandro Amaro forming the line of defence with Fabrício and Mauricio Ramos; Vítor, Pierre, Patrik, Rivaldo and Gabriel Silva populating the midfield with Dinei and Ewerthon up front. The young, light and fast team proved to be sufficient against a desperate Guarani, trying to escape from the relegation zone. At the end of the first half, a cross from Vítor found Leandro Amaro: 1-0. Halfway into the second half, Ewerthon, Rivaldo and Vítor gave way to Vinicius, Tinha and Luís Felipe. Palmeiras easily controlled the game and could have scored an additional goal or two, but the end result decently reflects the action. Watch the highlights below.



After the game, Scolari expressed particular satisfaction with Amaro, as the experience of playing with three defenders proved a positive one, thus giving the coach an additional tactical option when/if needed. Also, Bruno did a great job between the goalposts. It’s visible how the arrival of goalkeeper trainer Carlos Pracidelli has further improved the already high standard of Palmeiras’ keepers: both Deola and Bruno are in spectacular form.

— ooo —

And the countdown has begun… Atlético/MG on Wednesday, 10pm (GMT-2). Life or death.


  1. Hello!
    Palmeiras made a good match against Guarani. The next is the game of the year for us until now. Go ahead, Verdão. We are with you.

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