Atlético Paranaense 1-0 Palmeiras

Yesterday’s game sort of met expectations. Atlético/PR had lost only two games on their home turf this second half of the Championship; Palmeiras only lost two as visitor. Both teams entered the pitch without key players – in Palmeiras’ case Valdivia and Kléber. Neither Dinei, Kléber’s natural replacement, could play due to a clause in his contract (he played for Atlético before coming to Palmeiras). Thus, the stage was rigged for equilibrium.

Both teams had their (rather brief) moments of superiority, but most of the time we saw a battle for possession on the midfield. The game was not violent, but the referee had to use his whistle a lot. The number of unforced errors was high. And as we are getting more and more used to here in Brazil, that include the judges; they managed to revert two legitimate goals in the first half – one for each team – into offside positions.

Atlético continued pressing forward in the second half, while Palmeiras visibly settled for the draw. Deola was put to the test on several occasions and, again, stood out as Palmeiras’ best player (side note: Palmeiras’ ability to produce top quality goalkeepers is impressive; we’re in the best of hands until the return of São Marcos). The goalless draw looked eminent when, with five minutes to stoppage time, Argentine striker Nieto put Atlético ahead after preciously driving the ball past Deola upon receiving a cross from the right. Watch the highlights below.



Any remaining aspirations in the Brazilian Championship went down the drain yesterday. Palmeiras is now 100 per cent the South America Cup and need to eat, drink, sleep it. The title will bring fame, fortune (at least a little bit), confidence, and a spot in next year’s Libertadores Cup: all crucial ingredients in order to construct a competitive squad for next season. Only five games separate us from our supreme goal. On Wednesday the 10th, the Green Tsunami needs to hit our opponent, Atlético/MG, harder than ever.



  1. And once again i got no tickets for the only game in my city, too bad.

    And i also was not able to see the game on TV, so i dont have much things to say:
    1- Tadeu’s goal was legal, so was Paulo Baier in the moment the referee stops the game.
    2- Felipao should have change the team earlier.

  2. Sold out in 2 hour.
    Atletico gave 2000 tickets to Palmeiras, but most part of it goes to Sao Paulo.
    I tried to watch it online but i was at my friend’s house and his internet is not that fast.

    I’m living here for 4 years now, just moved to go to the University.
    It’s a very nice city indeed, you would like the weather here, some guys from europe came here to study and they really liked.
    You should come visit some time.


  3. 2 hours? That’s fast. But then again, if they make only few tickets available… Better luck next time!

    I’ve been to Curitba a couple of times. Seems nice, well organised. Good public transport (something otherwise hard to find in Brazil). Good restaurants and cafés. I’m sure I’d like it there. : )

    Have a great weekend and da-lhe porco on Sunday!

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