Sonar pings #6

High stakes poker
“The Clown Incident” seemed already half way forgotten when Felipão on Monday decided to make a move. He summoned a press conference, where he made clear that he would not apologise to anyone. Furthermore, he revealed that he had “cards up his sleeve” consisting of “tapes and recordings”, and that he had struck a deal with the president of the Sport Writer’s Association of São Paulo (ACEESP).

Things are transforming into what in Brazil is referred to as a “briga de cachorro grande”, a big dog’s fight. What apparently lies behind Scolari’s statement is a recent phone call from the director of one of the major radio stations, where the director tells Scolari that “I will fuck you up and fuck Palmeiras up”. What the director didn’t realise was that he was being taped. According to sources, Scolari has presented the material to the president of ACEESP and now also made it public that he possesses such evidence.

The timing of Scolari’s move is curious and the purpose even more so. To me, it’s not clear what he expects to achieve. In any case, it is likely that he will be forced to reveal more, thus discarding one of his “cards”. Stay tuned, more episodes will surely follow.


The life of others: Alético Mineiro
As you will remember, Atlético Mineiro played the first leg of the South America Cup quarter finals without most regular players, sparing them for games in the Brasileirão. The second leg takes place in São Paulo in exactly a week’s time and chances are that we’ll see Atlético repeating the formula, as the team lost its last Brasileirão game to Botafogo and slipped back into the relegation zone. Today, Atlético is the visitor against Guarani: a crucial game for both teams as only one point separate the two in the tables, each team on one side of the relegation divider.


Ewerthon: traces of the Wolverine healing gene
The striker hurt his knee badly in the game against São Paulo on the 19 September and underwent surgery the following day. His comeback was programmed for 2011. Well, it seems as Ewerthon is blessed with good healing capacity; his recovery has been extraordinary and he’s been able to anticipate every step in the outlined comeback routine. During Monday practice he participated full throttle and possibly might even be available against Atlético Paranaense tomorrow Thursday. Good work, Ewerthon!


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