Sonar pings #7

Demolitions at old Palestra Itália. Picture: Tiago Leme/GloboEsporte

The new Arena Palestra Itália
Palmeiras’ home ground today look much different from four months back, when the last game was played at the old Palestra. Part of the pitch has been removed, as well as chairs and some smaller buildings, including the restaurant. Construction workers are taking down the glorious old arena part by part. Check out some pictures here.

Although there was some delay in kicking off the demolitions due to bureaucratic reasons, the club’s board of directors assure that the new Arena Palestra will stand ready on scheduled time – that is in April 2013 – well before Palmeiras’ 100th anniversary in 2014.

Belluzzo takes an additional 15 days of sick leave
In order to fully recover from his heart surgery, Palmeiras president Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo has requested an additional 15 days of sick leave, bringing the total up to 60 days. Salvador Hugo Palaia remains as acting president of the club until 25 November.

Supporters en masse at tomorrow’s game!
A record breaking 31.000 tickets for tomorrow’s important second leg in the South America Cup’s quarter-final against Atlético/MG have already been sold. A total of 37.000 tickets are available and the expectation is that the Verdão supporters tomorrow will turn Pacaembu into a boiling cauldron.

Congratulation, Luiz Felipe Scolari!
Felipão today reaches the age of 62. Congratulations to our commander!


  1. As a future engineer i’m lovin to see demolitions and to know that in a couple of year we’ll have a brand new stadium.
    As a fan i’m sorry to see the Old Palestra going down, especially because i nevver saw a game in there and now its too late.

    1. You’re probably like my wife, liking to see “big stuff”, i.e. the big machines at work. : )

      I only went to Palestra two times. But by the reaction in the Palmeiras forums, it’s not hard to understand what that stadium ment and still means to many generations of palmeirenses.

      Abraço, Stefano; have a good game tomorrow!

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