thank you / obrigado !!!

Dearest palmeirenses,

I could not believe my eyes when logging in this morning and finding more than 50 comments from Palmeiras supporters located all over the world on Anything Palmeiras! I am truly grateful for all your support and encouraging words!

I will respond more carefully to your comments tomorrow and on Monday. In the meantime, a special “thank you” to the crowd behind 3VV and Rodrigo Bucciolli Pereira, the gentlemen who made 3VV aware of Anything Palmeiras. Also, a special thanks to everyone reproducing the link, for example on the Mancha Verde forum and on Orkut.

Again, thank you so much for all the encouragement and positive feedback!


  1. Hi…thanks for the site in english…you don’t belive how much easy is now for us to give information to our english friends..about Palmeiras since we are a bunch of guys livinig in London and get together under the Mancha Verde London branch!!

    If you happens to be in London give us a call!!!

    Today we are going to meet up near Liverpool station to watch the derby !

    1. Michel,

      Your message really stood out among the other. The Mancha Verde London branch? Fantastic! How big is your group? I’d love to learn more about you guys. Perhaps we could do an interview for the blog, with some pictures and all? Starting a “series” of interviews with local Palmeiras fans in foreign cities?

      I don’t use orkut, unfortunately. Perhaps I could count on you for spreading the news about the Anything Palmeiras blog on orkut?

      Take a look at this older post, there’s a picture of me at the Mancha esquenta on the 19 September!

      Talk more soon!

  2. Kristian, the MANCHA VERDE always supports the true palmeirenses like you!

    We are together today and Palmeiras 2 X 0 Corinthians


  3. Dear Kristian,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful blog.
    I live in São Paulo, and today we have a match against our major rival, the “POSSUMS”, lol.
    Good luck to us!
    Cheers, brother!

  4. Congratulations for your initiative, is very good to know Palmeiras have supporters for other countries too, and make enforcements to expand the team’s name all over the world, keep doing that man, is very extradordinary, i wish you very luck.. Heeyy palmeiras my life is you !!!

  5. Hello
    Let me give you my congratulations for the initiative to disseminate the story of
    club that I learned to love since childhood and that gave me so much joy.
    Very cool that this initiative and increasingly you can succeed. Sorry for the mistakes that do not speak fluent English.


    Bruno Cesar

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