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Roger Machado chose to spare his regular starting eleven players and paid the price: a home defeat to São Caetano, an adversary that did not even battle that hard, and the 4th game in a row without a victory in the São Paulo state Championship.

Palmeiras’ line-up was very different from last games, with almost the whole team made up of substitutes: Prass; Fabiano, Luan, Juninho, Michel Bastos; Thiago Santos, Bruno Henrique, Tchê Tchê, Scarpa, Keno; Guerra. Moisés was back on the bench and ready to face at least 45 minutes.

São Caetano got off to a good start, creating several chances and surprising the 22.857 supporters present at the Allianz Parque. In the 6th minute, Alex Reinaldo crossed, Fabiano stalled and the ball found Chiquinho clear inside the box to open the score. São Caetano almost increased the lead with a backheel shot from Diego Rosa two minutes later.

Palmeiras’ first opportunity came only at the 30-minute mark: Scarpa took a corner that Juninho dodged and Thiago Santos headed into the post. Palmeiras created another two opportunities before halftime but were unable to level.

When the teams came on for the second half, everybody thought Fabiano would be out of sight. However, Willian replaced Tchê Tchê instead. During the first minutes, Palmeiras displayed a change of attitude and created a number of good chances. Without converting, the match again cooled down, the São Caetano keeper taking every opportunity delay play, until the 18th minute, when he suffered a real injury and had to be substituted.

Keno blew two good opportunities: one shot wide and another saved by the keeper. On stoppage time, Scarpa hit the wood after a free kick, almost ending the abstinence: it’s been more than 3 years since Palmeiras scored a free kick goal.

The regular benchwarmers had their chance to show they deserve a spot in the starting eleven. None of them seized the opportunity.

Coach Machado now have two days to prepare the team for the Choque-Rei, as the Palmeiras vs São Paulo derby is denominated. Beating São Paulo on Thursday night, everybody will forget this sorrow affair against São Caetano and fall in behind the coach once again.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi


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Palmeiras and Cruzeiro yesterday night confirmed concluded negotiations in regard to four players: midfielders Robinho and Fabrício, right-back Fabiano and forward Willian. In short, the deal is as follows:

# Palmeiras return Fabrício to Cruzeiro.

# Cruzeiro keep Robinho for one more year, sending Willian over to Palmeiras in return. Both players can extend their loan agreements for two additional season if they and he clubs so wish. Palmeiras are not allowed to negotiate Robinho with another club without Cruzeiro’s consent.

# Palmeiras acquires 40% of Fabiano’s economic rights, keeping him at Palmeiras on a permanent basis.

willian_reducedThe only “new” player involved in the transactions is Willian, 30, nickname “bigode” (moustache). Originally from the small municipality of Três Fronteiras, state of São Paulo, the 170 cm tall forward had spells at Atlético Paranaense, Figueirense, Corinthians and Metalist Kharkiv (Ukraine) before making it big at Cruzeiro, regularly appearing during the club’s back-to-back Brasileirão titles of 2013 and 2014. His numbers for 2015 remained good, but dipped last year, with only 7 braces in 47 appearances. The weak 2016 cannot however be attributed to a lack of trying: summing shots on target in the League and the Brazil Cup, Willian divided second place with Palmeiras’ Gabriel Jesus – both with 39 – only behind Vitórias’ Marinho with 45.

Willian is an experienced, talented and hard-working player. Robinho had a good year at Cruzeiro and quickly got the supporter’s approval. The deal seems well-balanced and equally beneficial for both clubs.

Willian, welcome and the best of luck!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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48 hours after having exited the Paulistão, and Palmeiras were already announcing modifications to the squad. And not minor modifications: regular starting eleven players Robinho and Lucas are off to Cruzeiro in a swap for Fabrício – comfortable as left-back or midfielder – and Fabiano, a right-back who doubles as a fullback. Both newcomers are younger and considerably taller than Robinho and Lucas.


Fabrício and Fabiano for Robinho and Lucas

Today, more exits were announced: Nathan is joining Taylor at Criciúma and Victor Luis is heading for Botafogo. None of these transfers are permanent, they are all loan agreements, same as the Cruzeiro swap. Different from Fellype Gabriel, who has been released from his contract. It’s speculated upcoming exits might involve Zé Roberto and Edu Dracena in addition to Leandro Almeida and Régis.

Cuca will keep on trimming, in line with his preference for a leaner squad with multi-purpose players, allowing for high rotation, a multitude of tactical option and an overall more vertical game-plan. The speed by which the aforementioned player transactions happened is the clearest indicator they have been discretely planned for some time, with Cuca in the driver’s seat. The message is clear: no one is untouchable as Cuca embarks on the mission to reformulate the squad according to his preference. And he’s not modest about it. “I know what I’m doing” and “We’re going to win the Brazilian championship this year” are two recent statements.

Good thing Cuca is confident, because the player swap with Cruzeiro is receiving quite some flak from supporters. Less so related to Lucas, who is a shadow of his 2015 self, but Robinho is a different story. Although the midfielder always suffered ups and downs at Palmeiras, he was heading the assists rank and had reached quite some status due to his spectacular braces against SPFC. Robinho was not uncontested, but in any case considered a key players in the squad. Cuca clearly thought differently, probably finding Robinho rather one-dimensional and without the necessary stamina and pace. “But Robinho was the closest to a playmaker we had and now we have none’, supporters protest. And they are right. Cleiton Xavier could be that playmaker (although he´s not a classical #10) but with his recent record of injuries, nothing can be taken for granted. Which has me thinking Palmeiras are preparing a high-profile signing.

In addition to that wishful-thinking-playmaker, is there space for newcomers in the squad? Cuca says he will promote fullback Augusto and midfielder Vitinho from the youth divisions. Argentinians Tobio and Mouche – currently on loan – will soon be available but Cuca´s intentions are unclear. Chances are better for midfielder Juninho, currently on loan to Paulistão finalists Audax. Stay tuned.

Signing off with a piece of bad news: Allione hurt his knee in the last Libertadores bout and today underwent minor surgery. Initial estimates are for some 4-8 weeks of recovery time.

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