Palmeiras and PUMA renew partnership for another three years

Palmeiras and PUMA have renewed their partnership, by which the global sports company will supply sports equipment to the Verdão for another three years, until end of 2024. The successful partnership that initiated in 2019 translated into important achievements on the field already the following year with the 2020 Paulista, Libertadores Cup and Brazil Cup titles. Under the new agreement, PUMA will remain exclusive to Palmeiras in Brazil, and PUMA will continue to grant Palmeiras the same status as the other main teams in the world PUMA has partnership with.

The new agreement also brings a novelty: PUMA and Palmeiras will develop exclusive products for members of Palmeiras’ supporter programme “Avanti”.

“This is a very special moment for the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, the renewal of our sports material sponsorship contract with PUMA. A victorious, exclusive partnership, which has been very successful in this period and is now being renewed. Palmeiras are proud to once again sign a contract with PUMA and we hope to continue collecting new achievements during this new cycle”, says Palmeiras President Maurício Galiotte.

“People who work at Palmeiras and PUMA share the same values. Whether on the pitch or in the day-to-day life as a company, we are two fast-paced families of people who strengthen each other and have an incredible future together. I am proud to belong to this team and happy to renew this contract. I’m sure the success of the last few years will be repeated for the next ones. It is an honour for PUMA to partner up with Palmeiras”, celebrates Sebastian Diaz, President of PUMA Brasil.

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