A hundred games

There are so many streaks Palmeiras are maintaining, that it grants the question: “what on earth is this record of a hundred games?” But the hundred games mark is mine, not Palmeiras’. Albeit totally related to Palmeiras.

First, a short introduction: my name is Augusto and I started contributing here at Anything Palmeiras last year. My first post was this one. I have already represented Palmeiras on a television program and my biggest idol is Márcio Araújo (just kidding).

I am writing these lines to tell you about the hundred Palmeiras games I have witnessed in loco.

The first
My first game was in 2003, the year after Palmeiras’ first relegation to the second division. My dad took me to Campinas, at the Brinco de Ouro stadium. The opponent was Guarani and Palmeiras won 2-0, goals scored by Magrão and Pedrinho.

The best
Palmeiras 3×3 Cruzeiro. This was the only time I considered leaving the stadium at halftime. Palmeiras were losing 0-3 and there was no hope anything would change in the second half. But the atmosphere in the stadium when the second half began suddenly became incredible and luckily, I stayed until the final minute to see Palmeiras’ three goals that resulted in a draw.

The titles
I have celebrated three titles at the stadium: I went to the 2015 Copa do Brasil final, the 2016 decisive match against Chapecoense and the 2018 post-title match against Vitória. I was also present when Palmeiras were robbed in the 2018 São Paulo State Championship final against Corinthians.


The penalties
My heart is probably in good condition, as I’ve survived seven penalty shootouts. Palmeiras won three times and lost four; I could have been luckier.

The stadiums
I have rooted for Palmeiras in thirteen different stadiums: Palestra Itália (7x), Allianz Parque (72x), Pacaembu (9x), Arena Barueri (2x), Hermínio Ometto (2x), Morumbi, Vila Belmiro, Moisés Lucarelli, Brinco de Ouro, Doutor Augusto Schimidt Filho (Rio Claro), Santa Cruz (Ribeirão Preto), Major José Levy Sobrinho (Limeira) and Décio Vitta (Americana). By the end of this year, I hope to have enough money to go to Qatar.


The stats
In a hundred games, I have experienced 66 victories, 20 draws and 14 defeats. Palmeiras have scored 183 goals and conceded 72. The most frequent opponent has been Santos (7x). The only opponents I have seen more than once, without enjoying a victory, are Boca Juniors (2 draws and 1 defeat) and Flamengo (2 draws).

To be continued…
In my opinion, there is no better place to watch a game than a football stadium. And there is no better stadium than the Allianz Parque. The atmosphere, the tradition, the supporters… It’s incredible. Sometimes, that nostalgic feeling of the Palestra Italia hits, but I assure you the old stadium’s spirit is alive also at the new arena.

I hope to be present in many hundreds of games more; when I reach the milestone of 1.000 games, I’ll be back here to tell you all about it.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

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