5.000th visit and counting!

When I started posting 14 weeks back, I had no clear idea about where I wanted this to go. I was however nourishing a strong feeling that the life of S.E. Palmeiras needed to be told to a bigger audience. At the moment of writing these words, Anything Palmeiras is receiving its 5.000th hit from someone living in any of the 49 countries so far registered on the blog.

How do one measure success? I have no idea. In terms of page view, throughout its short existence, Anything Palmeiras must have received lesser visitors than the Parmerista used to get in one single day. Still, with an average of roughly 50 hits per day, AP is clearly filling up some space out there in the virtual world, leaving me to believe that we’re only in the beginning of a beautiful journey.

I’m glad you’re coming along for the ride, contributing to make Palmeiras greater for each day that passes by. Thanks! / Obrigado! / Tack!


  1. Your blog is growing one step at a time, like all the other websites and blogs about our Palmeiras.
    Keep up the good work and those 5000 will be 5000000.

  2. Hey dude!!! As i’m leaving in London i’m really glad to know that someone is lifting up SE Palmeiras to a new level, as always!!!!!!

    Keep on rocking in the new world!!!



  3. Hi Kristian,

    First of all, congratulations for you blog! As a third generation of Palmeiras fan (following my grandfather and my father), I fell truly proud to notice how our supporters/fans are different than most of the others…

    Anyway,, your idea was great, and we were really lacking such english-spoken blog featuring info and news on our team… I read about your blog at 3VV, but it took me a little while to actually comment it.

    I will try and make a suggestion to the almost inexisting Marketing Dept. of the club (I will try with the PR as well…) to interact more with bloggers like yourself… specially your blog, and your history of love for Palmeiras should be disclosed broadly, at leat in the internet, and help to leverage the reputation and identification of our team and also its supporters.

    Let’s see…

    Anyway, in the name of the whole Palmeiras nation, I would like to thank you! Supporters like you make (and also all other millions of supporters) really proud!

    Cheers and keep up the excellent work!

    Paulo Figueira

    1. Dear Paulo,

      Thank you so much for your valuable comments and feedback. A phrase that stuck in my mind was where you wrote that our supporters/fans are different from most of the others. I couldn’t agree more. And I’d also like to add, different from one another. Just take us two as an example: you’re a third generation Palmeiras fan, I’m a first generation gringo. You might be going to most of the games, I’m hardly ever able to do that. Still, we share the same passion. You know, my initial idea was actually to write for the official Palmeiras webpage. However, I learnt that they were having ideas about launching an English version of the site, that it was already under construction. I thought: well, in that case, there’s no role for me in this. I waited, and waited. And nothing in English came up on the official site. So, one day, I decided to do my own thing, and that’s how this blog was born.

      My main goal at the moment is spreading the word, getting more people to know the blog. It’s still in a very early phase, but the last couple of weeks have been really good. It’s the word of mouth thing: capture the interest of the “right” people – those with connections or many readers – and they will help spread the word. The posts at 3VV and the Manch Verde forum has really helped. In the earlier days, I tried contact with Palmeiras’ marketing department a couple of times, but did not receive any reaply. So I gave that up. I believe that one day, in one way or the other, they will find out about Anything Palmeiras and (hopefully) like what they see. Then we see what happens.

      Again, thank you for your positive words of encouragment; comments like these is what really keeps me going, giving me more fuel. I hope to hear from you again! 🙂


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