Palmeiras 2-0 Sampaio Corrêa – no surprises

credits: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

Palmeiras played well enough to beat Sampaio Corrêa 2-0 and secure classification to the quarterfinals of the Brazil Cup without surprises. The opponent in the next stage will be drawn on June 7, next Friday.

The first goal was a work of art: Lucas Lima’s vertical pass cut through the defence like a hot knife, Dudu heeling it to Mayke who had plenty of time to pick a corner and release his left foot. The second came in the early minutes of the second half, with Zé Rafael heading a ball crossed by Mayke.

Weverton; Mayke, Antônio Carlos, Edu Dracena and Victor Luís; Felipe Melo (Thiago Santos), Moisés (Matheus Fernandes) and Lucas Lima (Scarpa); Zé Rafael, Dudu and Borja.

Lucas Lima, Dudu, Felipe Melo and Antônio Carlos received yellow cards.

Green light
It is already repetitive, but it is impossible not to mention again the strength of Palmeiras’ defensive line. Another clean sheet and Weverton was merely a spectator of the game. Zé Rafael is also worth mentioning, growing game by game.

Yellow light
Palmeiras felt the game was already decided after the second goal and played without focus for most of the second half. Felipão, in the post-match interview, mentioned this as a negative.

Borja was back in the starting eleven and, once again, left everyone frustrated. His yellow is a rather striking orange, to be frank.

Red light
It is impossible to know the outcome of VAR decisions when Palmeiras are playing. Against Sampaio Corrêa, the images showed Borja being clearly pushed inside the penalty area, but the referee on the pitch was not even asked by the VAR team to review the incident.

Yesterday, Palmeiras achieved the seventh straight victory. Even more remarkable: without conceding a single goal.

Next challenge
Chapecoense, away, on Sunday 2 June, for the Brazilian Championship. Palmeiras are back to thirteen points – Botafogo claim there were irregularities in the VAR decision that awarded Palmeiras the game-winning penalty last week and until the sports tribunal has had its say, the points are withheld – but nevertheless remain in pole position. The game in Chapecó is very important to re-establish the gap in relation to the runners-up and Felipão is likely to field Palmeiras in full-strength.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

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