PUMA’s 2019 kit & video impress even the most demanding supporters

On new year’s eve, as the clocks struck midnight, Palmeiras and Puma simultaneously released a video on social networks, celebrating the new partnership and presenting the 2019 home and away kits. The new jerseys are slick, clean, highlighting the traditional green and white colours and the club’s origins. Judging be the feedback from supporters on social media, a instant success.

Even more impacting than then kit was the video itself: the language, the imagery, the attitude. Very street, very gritty, tapping into the strong palmeirense “us against the rest” sentiment while making a counterpoint to the, by many, perceived recent elitism of Palmeiras resulting from the modern arena, elevated ticket prices, et cetera.

Through the video, PUMA is communicating directly with the Palmeiras supporter, showing they have perfectly well captured the essence of their consumer base. An impressive piece of work, inaugurating the Palmeiras/PUMA partnership with a bang. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Kits will be available for online purchase (PUMA.com and PalmeirasStore.com) as of 3 January and in official, physical PUMA and Palmeiras stores as of 5 January. As of 7 January they will be available through retailers, also in Argentina, Chile, USA, Paraguay and selected European countries. 

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