Sonar pings #82 – one-liners

Oswaldo de Oliveira was sacked earlier this week.

Although not yet officially announced, Marcelo Oliveira – 2013-2014 champion with Cruzeiro – is taking over the reigns.

Striker Alecsandro has signed a contract until end of 2016, promising to score plenty of goals.

Alan Patrick and Ayrton has left for Flamengo: thank you and goodbye.

Today, a bust over legendary keeper Oberdan Cattani – who would have turned 96 on this very day had he still been with us – was unveiled at the Allianz Parque.

Today also marked the day the Rua Turiassú changed name to Rua Palestra Italia, paying homage to Palmeiras’ glorious past.

Mattos is hunting in Europe: rumour says it’s big game in his crosshairs this time.

Short but sweet as doors close and we’re ready for takeoff. Avanti!


  1. Hi Man, I think it’s my fisrt time leaving a comment here, but I always read your articles. Well, I hope M.O. solves our problem however I don’t think it is a matter of changing the coach. About Mattos’s trip it is believed that the name’s Barrios. I expected more than him. LOL.
    Regards from Belo Horizonte.

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