PUMA – is the big cat really coming out to play?

Adidas has been Palmeiras’ provider for twelve years, but the continuation of the relationship seems to be hanging by a thread. The reasons are multiple. Several of more recent models put out by the German giant have not been particularly well received by supporters. The poor international visibility, and a business model whereby Palmeiras receive a fixed annual sum and not a percentage according to sales (mind you Palmeiras are Adidas’ fifth highest selling football club brand in the world) are other factors.
Rumours regarding a swap have been frequent for some years, but this time it seems more plausible than ever. Two other offers are on the table: Brazilian brand Topper – with teams like Botafogo and Atlético Mineiro in their portfolio – and PUMA.

Reportedly, Topper has presented the financially most lucrative bid of the three. PUMA is somewhere in the middle, with compatriot Adidas trailing behind. Now, of course, there is much more than numbers to consider when assessing these offers: marketing strategy, distribution channels and logistics, and consumer awareness are just a few of the variables.

PUMA have two things going for them in particular. They offer an exclusivity clause, meaning they would not sponsor any other Brazilian football team for as long as they are partnering with Palmeiras. They also promise (although this should be treated with a healthy dose of reality check) they will give Palmeiras their “global brand” status, levelling with the likes of AC Milan and Olympique de Marseille in 2019.

PUMA are also, indisputably, the brand of choice among Palmeiras supporters.

My sources are particularly vague on this one, not much is leaking from inside the club, which is good. That being said: I’d put my money on the feline.


  1. Uow!! That’d be an awesome move!!

    As not only a crazy Palmeiras supporter but also an avid buyer of the team’s Jerseys (I’ve got over 65 Palmeiras Jerseys, most of them from the past 10 years), I’m dreaming about this change.

    Firstly because I don’t believe Adidas deserves to keep our colours since they offered much better conditions to the smelly team from rj, even after a decade of partnership with us, contemplating incredible numbers in regards to sales;

    Secondly because I understand that Adidas won’t make improvements design wise and although there were some great cases in the past (the highlight yellow from 2007, the blue with the Savoya Cross from 2009, the green and gold from last year among a few others), I believe they reached a “wall” and nothing else will come out from that hat;

    And also because I do believe in Puma’s promise to make us a global brand. If they offer exclusivity in Brazil it is likely they will also take advantage of that situation.

    I truly hope Palmeiras go ahead and close the deal with them…

    Fingers crossed!



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