Corinthians 3-2 Palmeiras – but hey, it’s just coincidences…

In a very balanced clash between leader Corinthians and second placed Palmeiras, the refereeing was instrumental, allowing Corinthians to open up the scorecard through a clear offside goal halfway into the first half. Dazed and confused, taking greater risks in the chase for the equalizer, Palmeiras quicly suffered a second blow, then diminished through Mina before allowing Corinthians a third goal, resulting from a dubious penalty. Moisés scored a beauty in the second half, closing the scorecard and Palmeiras’ title aspirations.

“The refereeing is just poor, the errors even out in the end” is a common argument. An argument that ignores the obvious: Corinthians are the team most times directly and decisively benefitted by the referees in this year’s edition of the Brazilian Championship. On the other side of the scale, Palmeiras, the team most times disfavoured. Mind you, this is not supporters talking, but according to the Brazilian Football Federation’s own data analysis, available online. A quick crunching of numbers, correcting the tables for points won and lost through undisputable refereeing errors, and the current standing would be Santos (61), Palmeiras (60), Grêmio (58) and Corinthians (54).

Palmeiras are now 8 points behind with six rounds to go. 2017 has boiled down to securing a spot in the top four, which would guarantee direct qualification to the Libertadores Cup, in turn crucial for less turbulent 2018 pre-season preparations.

On Thursday, in Salvador, Palmeiras visit Vitória, just below the relegation divider. Expect a “difficult bone to gnaw”, as one would say in Portuguese.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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