Chapecoense plane crash


The Chapecoense tragedy is unprecedented in the history of sports, an entire football squad practically wiped out. The death toll currently stands at 71: 19 Chapecoense squad members; 24 Chapecoense technical staff, directors and other people linked to the club; 21 journalists and 7 crewmembers. There are six survivors, all receiving medical care and in varying physical conditions.

Four of the fatal victims had direct links to Palmeiras: coach Caio Jr, who commanded the Verdão in 2007, forward Ananias (2013), midfielder Josimar (2014) and former midfielder Mário Sérgio (1984-1985).

Commotion has been worldwide, condolences arriving from near and far, in particular from other football clubs. The four major clubs in São Paulo this morning announced they will offer players to Chapecoense in 2017, on loan and for free. In additions, the clubs will make a formal request to the Brazilian Football Confederation that Chapecoense be immune to relegation for the coming three years. Throughout the day, other Brazilian clubs adhered to the initiative. Nacional de Medellín, Chapecoense’s adversaries in the South America Cup final, asked CONMEBOL to consider Chapecoense Cup winners.
Brazil’s president has declared three days of mourning and the CBF, a week of mourning, suspending all scheduled games.

In the midst of all the pain, the beauty of solidarity. Regretfully, it seems to take random disastrous events to bring out the best in human beings. So be it. Could possibly the major Brazilian clubs find it in their hearts and minds to close ranks and elaborate a proposal to address the most urgent absurdities sprouting from the CBF, Rede Globo and the Brazilian Superior Tribunal of Sports? Are we allowed to hope that the death of these men and women would not be for nothing?

Chapecoense’s last game was against Palmeiras. Below, a short video with footage from the game, a simple homage payed by TV Palmeiras. The second video is from the minute of silence at Anfield ahead of today’s Liverpool vs Leeds game.

Our deepest condolences to family and friends of the victims, and to all Chapecoense supporters. Today, all of us who breathe football, are breathless.


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