Anything Palmeiras has reached the finals of the Football Blogging Awards – every vote counts!

Dear readers,

Today the finalists of this year’s edition of the Football Blogging Awards were announced, and ANYTHING PALMEIRAS MADE THE LIST.

As of today, the second and final round of voting starts, ending on 28 October. The “new” votes will be added to the votes from the first round, making up the grand total for each of the ten finalist contenders in any of the eleven categories.

It is important to highlight that EVERYONE WHO VOTED IN THE FIRST ROUND ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE AGAIN, both on twitter and directly on the FBA website. Below, instructions on how to proceed:

On the FBA website
1) Visit the FBA voting page, clicking here (page will open in new window)
2) provide your name and e-mail address

3) in the “Best International Football Blog” category, pick “Anything Palmeiras” from the scroll down menu, then click the “Vote Now” button

Post the following: I am voting in @TheFBAs for @AnyPalmeiras as the Best #International Football Blog

Please note, only one vote on twitter and one on the website allowed per person. Please also note that twitter RTs do NOT count as votes.

Thank you for your help in spreading Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras’ name across the globe! 2016 is ours, on and off the pitch!


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