Palmeiras’ history laid out for the world during Carnival

These last few days, the largest and most spectacular yearly open space festivity in the world took place all over Brazil: Carnival. In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the traditional samba schools have supporters and stir up passions just like football does. In fact, some samba schools originate from organised football supporters – just like the Mancha Verde samba school, created in 1995 and originating from Palmeiras’ largest supporter group with the same name.

During Carnival, the samba schools compete – in accordance to strict rules – to crown a champion. Mancha Verde was first among the São Paulo schools to parade this year, and the theme chosen for the parade was “Palmeiras – 100 Years of Battles and Glory”, telling the story about Brazil’s most successful football club.

The school this year came in 28 segments, with five cars and a total of 3.500 people in costumes, including the school’s #1 muse Viviane Araújo, pictured above. Below, enjoy some more pictures and a compiled video with highlights.

The parade did not please the judges, who relegated the Mancha Verde to the second division. They can say whatever they want, and for whatever reason they chose: there is not a palmeirense who doesn’t understand the magnitude of bringing the history of Palmeiras to millions of viewers in Brazil and abroad. What the Mancha did will never be forgotten.



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