Interviewing Palmeiras’ presidential candidates

nobre pesca.
This coming Saturday, the little more than 10.000 members of Palmeiras’ social club will elect a president for the upcoming two years. For the first time, voting for president is not an exclusive right of the consiglieri, Palmeiras slowly taking steps toward greater democracy. That being said: any presidential candidate had to receive a minimum 15% of votes in a pre-election decided by said counsellors to be allowed to run, and only two candidates made the cut – sitting president Paulo Nobre and the opposition candidate Wlademir Pescarmona, the latter tied to the União Verde e Branca political group including former president Belluzzo.

Anything Palmeiras presented both candidates with three questions ahead of the upcoming elections. Regrettably, only Pescarmona chose to reply. Below, the short “interview”.

Anything Palmeiras: If elected, which three important changes at Palmeiras are to be expected during your 2015-2017 mandate?

Wlademir Pescarmona: 1) the recruitment of an executive for the football department, a professional who is updated and currently employed in a relevant position. 2) the creation of a support group to the presidency, with the mission to seek out new partnerships. 3) improved relations with WTorre and other partners.

AP: Which three policies/practices will be maintained at whatever cost?

WP: 1) not spend more than is being raised. 2) not anticipate revenues beyond the time of your mandate. 3) nurture the relationship with partners, using the support group, to build and maintain a strong and competitive football team.

AP: During your mandate, what will Palmeiras do to increase visibility internationally?

WP: use the influence of businessmen and designate “ambassadors”, in particular targeting the North American market. 

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