24h – the homecoming

Jack Bauer’s sitting this one out. After all, it’s a domestic affair. In exactly 24 hours, Palmeiras are returning home. The opening game, against Sport, will be a feast for the eyes. For the soul. Not an empty seat in the Allianz Parque. The squad will be wearing a special jersey, with the well-known Brazilian phrase “o bom filho a casa torna” (the good son returns home) circling the badge. A light cannon, projecting the Italian tricolore in homage of the club’s origins, will be announcing – tomorrow and every time from now on – when Palmeiras are on the pitch.
Tickets were made available firstly based on Avanti rating, secondly based on the level of Avanti, and then released to club members. Most were sold online, but some also physically. Some people waited as long as 7-8 hours in line in order to guarantee their seat at the event of the year.

But it’s not all roses. Far from it. After Sunday’s 2-0 defeat to São Paulo, Palmeiras need the three points desperately. The inauguration of the Allianz Parque will be forever remembered either as the game that propelled Palmeiras out of harms’ way, or as one of the most humiliating moments in the club’s history. No telling how our youngish squad will handle the pressure, especially without the reference of experienced Valdivia on the pitch: the Chilean is on tonight for his national team in a friendly against Uruguay. It was speculated that he would take a flight straight to São Paulo after the game, being available against Sport in case Dorival needed to pull an ace out of the sleeve in the second half. No such luck: the list just came out and our playmaker is not on it.

No, this did not turn out the way it was planned. Or rather: this is what you get when planning is lacking.

39.000 at the Allianz Parque must be one tomorrow. 15 million supporters idem. Harsh words, but tomorrow is not about celebration, not about gaping in awe at South Americas’ most modern multipurpose stadium. It’s about carrying eleven men towards victory at absolutely any cost.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. Bengston, here in Brazil press, supporters and managers talking like Allianz Parque was the high (maybe lone) stake to promove Palmeras’ reborn. But I think we are betting a lot in it. It’s only a stadium…

    What do you think about it?

    1. Flávio, I must say I completely share the view that the Allianz Parque will be the divisor of Palmeiras entering a new era. I’m trying to imagine how I would feel about the future without the arena. I believe it will be instrumental in generating new revenues, exposing the Palmeiras brand, and exposing SEP to professional management, especially from abroad through the partnership with AEG. Yes, it’s just a stadium. But it will make all the difference.

      Thanks for leaving you comments. Cheers, volte sempre!

  2. Thx for answering, Bengtson!

    I agree about this “professional” thing and I hope it so much. But what we seeing is not exactly pro management. Our alviverde have no command, no leadership. Our roster (most of them) plays like in a friendly sunday match, something like here in Brazil we use to name “pelada de solteiros e casados”.

    It’s so difficult to blame our coach about wrong results while managers and council of SEP don’t pleads TRUE guilty in this chaotic situation. The matter is: when do Paulo Nobre, Mustafa Contursi, Pescarmona, Della Monica and other “cartolas” will recognise the only form to professionalise Palmeiras is by selling her to a Arab Oil mogul?!

    I’m suffering so much after last night shameless loss…

    1. Flávio,

      Today, we’re all hanging our heads in shame. But I truly believe change will come. We have the most important parts: a solid history, a passionate and large supporter base, a stadium to call our own and now, finally, administration and financial sound practices in place. The building of a squaad, a team, is relatively easy in comparison. OK, results will not come tomorrow. But we should be able to harvest within 2-3 years, if the new president – whoever that might be – does his homework.


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