Valentim tastes defeat and the fog rolls in

Force Majeure made me miss out on watching what several describe as Palmeiras’ worst performance so far this year. Not a tremendous surprise, that is: after four straight victories, the backlash was rather expected, and what better backdrop than an away game against the bottom team of Chapecoense? Palmeiras lost 2-0, Fábio being the sole reason the score wasn’t stretched further. Gareca, in case you had any doubts: there’s work work work to be done. And players to be signed.

Yesterday morning the squad was supposed to take off for São Paulo, but another Force Majeure came into play as heavy fog rolled in and shut down the airport for 24 hours. Already yesterday, Palmeiras contacted CBF with a request for transfer of Wednesday’s game against Botafogo, claiming there was insufficient time for preparations. Request denied. The squad got on a plane this morning, disembarked in Campinas, then continuing the remaining 500+ kilometres by bus (why, I don’t know: there are flights available Campinas-Presidente Prudente). Don’t expected players in the best of physical shape against Botafogo. If they’ll be motivated? Tomorrow, 19:30 (GMT -3) we’ll find out.

— ooo —

Bruno, the keeper, has asked for a transfer. Unable to regains the confidence of coaches and supporters alike, he feels the only way for him to redeem himself is getting plenty of live action defending another team until the end of the year. Seems the best of solutions for everyone involved. As I’ve stated before: Bruno is a respectable and hard-working professional, on top of a passionate palmeirense. It’s a shame he’s not the brilliant keeper we all would like him to be, but such is life. It’s time to flip the page.

— ooo —

Speaking of change: while the modifications to Palmeiras’ statutes are slowly [sic] cooking, the club’s Deliberative Council (DC) yesterday night voted in three new vitalícios, i.e. members for life. One of the new persons to perpetually integrate the deliberative body is Osório Furlan Júnior, owner of 36% of Valdivia’s economic rights. How that’s even allowed is beyond me. Talk about conflict of interests. The cancer within Palmeiras is alive and well, thank you very much.

And still… Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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