Habemus Primicerius!

Gareca2Healthy puffs of green smoke emerged from the Chimneys of the Palestra as the official announcement was made available yesterday night: Ricardo Gareca is the new coach of Palmeiras.

It took two weeks to find a replacement for Gilson Kleina, fired on 8 May. Gareca has been unemployed since December last year, when he left Vélez Sarsfield after five seasons and three Championship titles. The 56-year-old has signed with Palmeiras until June 30, 2015 at a salary reportedly similar to that of Kleina: some US$ 90.000 a month + variables/bonuses for achieved goals.

The official presentation of the new commander is scheduled for this coming Friday. Gareca will attend today’s game against Figueirense next to Paulo Nobre in the cabin, and is expected to lead the squad on Wednesday next week against Botafogo.

Gareca is the 20th foreigner to coach Palmeiras in the club’s 100 years, and the sixth Argentine. There’s an unusually strong consensus in regard to his signing: both supporters and press consider it a strong, bold and well-timed move by Palmeiras’ directors. I can nothing but wholeheartedly agree. Expect new attitude, new motivation, new outlook on possibilities deriving from the club’s youth academy and the South American player market.

To our supporters: Patience! Give the man room and time to work!

To Gareca: Buena suerte! Tráenos glorias!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. Well said. The most important thing now is patience.The players will take time to understand the new coach and the coach will take time to get to know each player strengths and weaknesses. i just hope Ricardo works together with the former interim coach to speed up the transition process.

    1. Rafael, not only do I hope Gareca will draw upon Valentim’s experience to smooth the transition, as I hope Valentim will learn and grow with Gareca, so that Valentim will be ready to take over in a few year’s time. Cheers and volte sempre!

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