Millonarios 3-0 Palmeiras

For the second leg of the South America Cup group of 16 knockout phase Palmeiras rested important players, notably Marcos Assunção, Henrique and Maurício Ramos. Others that could have made a difference – like Maikon Leite and Wesley – are either in recovery or not enlisted in the SA Cup. Palmeiras’ line-up – Bruno; Artur, Leandro Amaro, Thiago Heleno and Juninho; Márcio Araújo, Patrik (Betinho), Tiago Real, Daniel Carvalho (Obina) and Mazinho (Luan); Barcos – struck no fear in the hearts of the Millonarios players who came on fast and strong as of the first minute at the El Campín stadium, Bogotá. Additional enemies like high altitude fatigue and odd ball curves completed the scenario as the Colombians patiently and systematically squeezed the juice out of us. 3-0 could have been 4 or 5: Bruno performed well and had a bit of luck.


The good news is no one was injured – with the exception of a few bruised egos – and that Palmeiras from now on can focus 100 per cent on the Brasileirão rescue mission.

Speaking of egos: it’s inadmissible that hotheads like Betinho and especially Luan continue to act out their frustrations at Palmeiras’ expense. Luan wasn’t sent off solely due to a touch of grace from the excellent Victor Hugo Carillo from Peru; Betinho however made sure to conclude his short, pathetic display as to leave the referee no option but to pull out the red card. I’m wondering what would have happened had Valdivia been on the pitch.

Not wasting another thought on the SA Cup and Millonarios, the million dollar question is if Palmeiras will find willpower, tactics and technique to once again turn Porto Alegre into “Porco Alegre” as happened against Grêmio in the semi-finals of this year’s Brazil Cup. On Saturday at 16:20 (yes, a rather odd time), Internacional receive Palmeiras in the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão. We’re four points behind Bahia who receive Grêmio that very same day, kick-off scheduled for 18:30. We need to see a very different Palmeiras from yesterday’s to stand a chance.

Avanti Palestra!


  1. It’s rather hard to believe that we lost. Not that we couldn’t lose, but because the team just simply didn’t seem to care. Concerning Luan’s and Betinho’s performances, they have to learn that there is a difference between “wearing the team’s colors” and “use the team’s colors as a way to make things even more difficult to the team itself”. Anyway, it seems to be the best that we don’t need to worry about the SA Cup anymore, just focusing now on staying on the top tier… We can only pray.

  2. “….no one was injured” but our proud & stats. A shame. We can lose a game, but never without fighting. I repeat, a shame, nothing seems to be impossible while this direction office lasts. Until its very last day we’ll pay a high price for their absolute lack of competence.

  3. I was doing physiotherapy for my gimpy left knee while watching the match against Millionarios. This this made me moan two-fold – because of the exercises I was doing, and of seeing Palmeiras “play”. Another embarrassing display – complete lack of will and punch, as Alexandre Miquilino wrote above.

    Pardon me but saying “that’s ok, now we can focus on the Serie A” is a fool-me-twice. Had Palmeiras played decently against Millionarios, or had it been eliminated at a later stage of the competition, then I would buy it. As it happened this will psychologically and morally more hurt than help. Even more in a toxic environment such as the perennial clouds of chaos that cast over Palmeiras.

    Your comment on Luan’s (and Betinho’s) hot-headedness is spot-on. These two need counseling and Xanax.

    1. Sal, I hope you’re wrong about the psychological/moral effects. I hope Kleina is able to detach one competition from the other. And I hope Barcos’ rage and sense of duty spreads like a virus and contaminates the rest of the squad for the conclusion of this Brasileirão. By Saturday afternoon, we’ll have a partial answer.

      Sorry for your knee; even in that way you live and breath Palmeiras, my friend… ; )

      All the best, always,

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