As Real as it gets

However desperate Palmeiras might be to contract playmaker options for Scolari to work with, there’s no way around the fact that no players of rank are available. The international transfer window is closed. Big names in the first division have already played seven games for their respective clubs, disqualifying them from playing for another club in this year’s edition of the Brazilian Championship. If you want to contract players, you’ll have to look further down in the system. Safe to assume, the obvious rising stars in the second division were scooped up already at the beginning of the season. What’s left is a gamble at best.

The media last week betted on Jaílton, bench-warming midfielder at Avaí, to be Palmeiras’ next signing. Seems the directors changed their mind (if they were ever considering Jaílton in the first place, that is) as president Arnaldo Tirone today announced a deal reached with 23-year-old midfielder Tiago Real, currently at Joinville but with federative rights belonging to Coritiba. Real has apparently been doing quite well and scored four times this season. Second division Joinville had no intention of giving him up but stands no choice as there’s a clause in Real’s contract allowing for an immediate release in case of an interesting offer. And what is an offer from Palmeiras if not interesting? The whole negotiation bears the mark of football manager César Sampaio.

Tiago Real is a gamble. A US$ 1.2 million bet for 50 per cent of his federative rights during the next four years. It’s likely the player will be presented at Palmeiras already on Wednesday. Welcome, Tiago. And good luck. You’re gonna need it. We’re all gonna need it.


  1. I hope he show us something better than Carmona and help Palmeras to get out of the bottom. I hope Felipão also give him the opportunity for that.
    Vai Palmeiras!!!

    1. Carmona was a strange story, that hasn’t really been clarified, in my opinion. And Carvalho… Another strange development, this sudden lack of spark and dedication. Hopefully, a younger player like Tiago has the good sense to take full advantage of this golden opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by, Marcelo; volte sempre!

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