Palmeiras 2-0 Vilhena

In the shockwaves of eliminations and with a lion’s part of any regular starting eleven in the medical department, anything but advancement in the Brazil Cup was irrelevant.

With two goals from a feverish (yes, as in ill) Bruno César, nevertheless the man of the match must’ve been Dalton, the Vilhena keeper. Saving the Rondônia team on several occasions, I wouldn’t be surprised if he receives an offer from a second division club. Actually, all in all, nothing but respect for Vilhena: they played well, gave it all they had and can leave São Paulo proud of their performance and posture.

Two additional comments: a) Marquinhos Gabriel came on and really loosened up the tension, also being directly involved in the first goal. Hopefully we’ll see much more of him in the future. b) Bruno’s got to go. I like him, but he’ll never win back the confidence of the squad and our supporters, nor the respect from our opponents.

Palmeiras now have a little more than two weeks to digest the last few days’ turmoil and get ready for the return to the first division: 20 April, away against Criciúma.

Time for tweaking the squad. Time for healing and training and recovering confidence. Time for announcing that Master Sponsor.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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