The fascists among us

Conrado Cacace of the Verdazzo, currently one of the most influential voices in the universe of opinion-making palmeirenses, attended yesterday’s game at the Vila Belmiro. Half an hour after the final whistle, Palmeiras supporters were allowed to leave the stadium. While making his way out, checking his smartphone for information on other game results, Conrado received a hard blow to his face and hit the ground before receiving several kicks. He managed to get to the bus waiting outside, his phone stolen, and upon returning to São Paulo underwent medical exams. With multiple fractures to his face, he’s scheduled for surgery today (Monday).

Outspoken, uncompromising, always backing his positions with compelling arguments. A strong personality that sometimes annoys even those agreeing with his views. “He had it coming”, some argues.

He had it coming, only if we accept violence as a legitimate form of argumentation. Without the shadow of a doubt, Conrado was cowardly assaulted by someone coming from “our” ranks, someone calling himself a palmeirense, someone who disagrees with the editorial line of the Verdazzo. Fists and kicks were chosen as a means to punish him, and to silence him. Stealing his phone was just a bonus.

The right to expression is fundamental, at any and every level of society. The use of violence to combat ideas is nothing short of fascism. As such, it must be condemned without hesitation, without fear, and without personal preferences in regard to the identity of the victim and his views.

Reflect on that before uttering another “he had it coming”: that kind of mentality is, directly or indirectly, the breeding ground for what happened to Conrado. And could happen to you next.

Conrado, I wish you a speedy recovery, both physical and mental. Hope to see you back in the saddle as soon as possible: your work has never been more important.

— ooo —

Difficult to analyse yesterday’s clash against Santos. True enough, Palmeiras did not seem quite awake, allowing Santos not one but two goals before half time. On the other hand, Palmeiras would likely have reached the draw had the game continues for another ten minutes. And personally, I liked Bruninhos debut. Game highlights below.

I’d say Palmeiras have more to give. And possibly Kleina opted for not revealing all his cards, especially as yesterday’s result actually means Palmeiras have a theoretically easier path to the finals, avoiding SPFC in the semi. In any case, the Paulistão truly starts now, in the knockout phase: Thursday night we welcome Bragantino, with the one game determining who face Ituano or Botafogo/SP in the semi-finals.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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  1. It´s unbelievable… really sad… and among us…We (the true Palmeirenses) wish you the best! We hope you get better and strong as you´ve ever been as soon as possible!

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