Sonar pings #68 – the heat is on

The tremendous success of TV Palmeiras has escaped nobody: subscriptions to the youtube channel have skyrocketed since the re-launch, under management of Arnaldo Hase, in late January. In less than two months, TV Palmeiras has gone from some 20.000 subscriptions to 229.000, not only overtaking Santos as the largest Brazilian youtube football channel, but also leaving behind international giants Bayern Munich, Milan and, recently, Liverpool. Currently 6th on the global ranking, TV Palmeiras are only some 20.000 subscribers short of overtaking Manchester City, then Juventus; it’s just a matter of time. The leap is then a little bigger to Chelsea, before facing the considerable gap up to the two giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, with well over a million subscribers each.

Training routines, interviews, pre-game preparation… TV Palmeiras gives the supporter clues to what running a large football club is all about, on and off the pitch. More importantly, it shows the man in the jersey, with his personal aspirations, anxieties, hopes, fears and faith. TV Palmeiras brings the supporter closer to the club and the players, strengthening the bond. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the address.

While on the topic: stay tuned for an upcoming and exclusive interview with the man responsible for Manchester United TV, one of only four 24 hours football club TV channels.

— ooo —

Last Wednesday, Palmeiras made their debut in the Brazil Cup against Vilhena. For the first time in 100 years, the Verdão faced a team from the state of Rondônia, with the meagre victory not sufficient to eliminate a second leg. The disappointing performance can be blamed on the poor quality of the pitch, heavy rains, the fatigue of the Palmeiras squad due to the long travel, and the ref turning a blind eye toward the home team’s destructive game plan. However, coach Kleina also carries considerable share of the blame for completely misreading the conditions, not enforcing creativeness on the midfield and opting for strikers that preferably carry the ball in velocity. Return game in São Paulo on 10 April: a date right in between the two final games in the São Paulo championship (we’re certainly expecting Palmeiras to go that far).

— ooo —

Three days after the game in Vilhena, Palmeiras played Ponte Preta in the penultimate round of the group phase in the Paulistão. The clash was highly entertaining, as both teams aggressively sought the three points. Although a little shaky in defence from time to time, Palmeiras showed convincing superiority during the game and certainly deserved the victory. As Santos only drew their game, Palmeiras only need a draw against same Santos this coming Sunday in order to enjoy home advantage throughout the whole knockout stage, including the finals (Palmeiras have already secured that advantage for the quarter and semi-finals). The heat is on.

Still on the game against Ponte Preta:  

It was victory no. 2.995 in the history of Palmeiras.

It meant something special for striker Vinícius, reaching the mark of 100 games for Palmeiras. Vinícius is also the youngest player to have entered the pitch wearing our colours as a professional in the A-Team, 16 years and 8 months at his debut in late March 2010.

To finish things off, a third curiosity: Valdivia, celebrating Palmeiras’ third goal, hugging… the ref.


  1. ai se é o Valdívia que faz aquela falta que o fulano fez sobre o Eguren… seria proibido de jogar futebol, expulso do país após processado e condenado por por anti-jogo, lesões corporais e suvaco fedendo…
    abração, e parabéns pelo excelente clipping dos jogos que vc posta!

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