Palmeiras in your pocket – v2

Have you ever wondered how it would be to get the most updated and in-the-loop information on Palmeiras compiled and made available in one, sexy package? Well, you need to wonder no more: if you run android on your smartphone or tablet, hurry get Mídia Palestrina, free of charge and without advertisement.

The original Mídia Palestrina application was launched in May of 2012, but what we have here is a completely remodeled version. Just like the first version, the app has been developed by yours truly in partnership with professional programmer and palmeirense Rafael Barrelo. It not only gives you access to the best blogs, websites and radios made by palmeirenses, but also provides updated tables, results and information on forthcoming games. There’s even live broadcasting during Palmeiras’ games courtesy of Web Radio Verdão.

Of course most of the content is in Portuguese, but Anything Palmeiras should hopefully cater for most of you non-Portuguese speaking people’s needs.

The number of blogs made available through the app will increase gradually in the coming months, as will the inclusion of other features.

Download the app directly from Google Play and have it install automatically. It’s as simple as that!

iPhone/iPad user: a version for your gadget is (truly) in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

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