Merry Christmas, palestrinos

With age, I’ve naturally come to expect less from Santa. Less actually translating to nothing. Santa’s a great concept when you’re a kid, but with age comes responsibility and the understanding that anything that’s given comes at the price of somebody’s labour. The bigger the present, the harder somebody worked for it.

That’s why I’m not even bothering to sneak a peek in Palmeiras’ stocking this Christmas. Palmeiras have not been good and our directors have certainly not worked hard or competently enough to deserve any last-minute signings. While our competitors are negotiating players and preparing for the coming season, Palmeiras are throwing out the occasional bait (Riquelme) or ungratefully keeping one of last year’s MVP on hold (Assunção).

In addition, the absurd Palmeiras calendar presents us with a General Assembly – complete with elections for club President – on 21 January (more on this and candidates shortly). Ideally, in late January a squad should already be formed and in training. Palmeiras will be chasing leftovers.

Palmeiras’ three wise men Tirone, Frizzo and Piraci are exiting in 2013. Not a bloody second too early.

Merry Christmas, palestrinos.


  1. Merry Christmas irmao!!! This ‘offseason’ has been lack luster for sure. The three wise men leave in 2013… What month? Lol

  2. クリスチャンこんにちは!私は2013年は私たちのすべてのために多くの勝利であることを願い! 世界中パルメイレンセは、希望を失わない!
    Um grande abraço nipônico!

      1. Uai sô! Tuintendi japuneis? Tueumpuligrota! Quevintindê minerês! Aíobixpegô, némermo sô? Dozmiridôz tavameibã aíficômió idispois ficôruidinovo, caímpásérbê!
        Bão! Vamvê, agoquijatáfeitistrágu u negócé bataiá pá mó di ganhá tudim’n dizmiritrêizi, aí vai sê baita treim bão!
        Abarção du Japão, boazintradiano e um 2013 de VERDES alegrias!

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