Zlatan Ibrahimović – best goal all times

Yes, this is indeed a blog about Palmeiras but after what Ibra did yesterday, I’ll be damned if I’m not going to make a tribute to my fellow countryman. After all – and in the spirit of the one and only Daniel Grandesso – my blog, my rules.

British newspaper “The Times” wrote that “England’s defenders spent part of yesterday morning watching video clips of Zlatan Ibrahimović in order to know their enemy. But there are some things you cannot prepare for, certainly not bicycle kicks from 35 yards. How do you prepare for something you never, ever saw before?”

In more than 35 years covering international football for the BBC, John Motson has seen countless matches and been to 10 World Cups. He lists Ibras’ fourth goal as the #1 of all times: “It was spontaneous, out of this world, unexpected and athletic – the best I have ever seen. It was a sensational piece of improvisation and even more special seeing as he produced it in his country’s new stadium. It was the icing on the cake to a fantastic performance.”

On Monday night the 31-year-old Paris Saint-Germain player received Swedish football’s “Golden Ball” player of the year award (for the sixth time in a row and for the seventh time in total; the female price went for the third time to Lotta Schelin). Three days later he treats us to this magnificent display, becoming the first player to ever score four goals against England, declaring their second defeat in 22 matches.


On a side note, and forgive me now, but isn’t there a small but distinct similarity between Ibra and our own Hernán Barcos in terms of physique and playing style?


  1. Hi Kristian,

    You are totally right. The way Ibra pass, kick and conduct the ball reminds me our striker. And both Ibra and Barcos are slim.
    I hope to the very deep of my heart our directors dont make their habitual mistakes and hold Barcos for the next year. He is without a doubt the best striker we have had since Evair.


    1. Milton, if a big European club comes willing to pay the fee, I believe there’s nothing we can do. Or should do. Unless, of course, Barcos wants to stay. But I wouldn’t blame him if he grasps the perhaps last opportunity to make great international success. He deserves a chance.

      That being said: I would LOVE for him to stay, bond even further with Palmeiras and the palmeirenses, score a huge amount of goals for us for many a year to come.


  2. I see your point Kristian. I understand Barcos maybe want to leave our team, because he wants more visibility (and money, why not to say?), including to be called to Argentine national team next World Cup. He is not that young and needs to think on his carreer and personal life, including the future of his family. But it is sad to verify Palmeiras currently probably is not a good option to such a good player. And suppose Barcos is sold indeed, what will happen with the gathered money? Vanish with bad players as we had done the last years (Daniel Carvalho, Pedro Carmona, Mazinho, Betinho, and a couple of more “inhos…, the list is really big)… If Barcos could be well negociated and the resulting money be used to get good players or some facilities to our club, that is OK. But with our divided, inconstant, opportunist politics, I cannot see a good destination to this money. We have a good contract with Kia and Globo and our budget is enormous. It is a shame Palmeiras be in that terrible situation.
    Sorry on my long message, just a way to get it off my chest.


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