Palmeiras 2-0 Cruzeiro

With  a fever and a clogged up face – in addition to being slightly bitter about the bad results in every game this round except for Corinthians vs. Bahia – I’ll be giving you nothing but the highlights from Saturday’s Palmeiras 2-0 Cruzeiro.

Marcos Assunção is out there even with the hurting knee. Hernán Barcos sees no rest but displays splendid technique and extraordinary dedication. Actually, every single player is showing dedication and team spirit. We’re not going down. We’re four points behind Bahia with six rounds to go. We’re not going down.

On Tuesday Palmeiras are in Bogotá to take on Millonarios in the return game of the South America Cup. The first leg ended 3-1 to Palmeiras. Let’s keep it simple.

Avanti Palestra!


  1. That’s the spirit, Kristian! Palmeiras has enough power to propel itself out of this situation… The players are determined to make the team leave the relegation zone, and the true supporters still believe in the strength of our green giant. Concerning the South America Cup, do you think we can expect something, or would it be best to just focus on our domestic competition?

    1. Hi Alexandre, with all due respect to your comments, one statement that you echoed here, very present in other “midia palestrina” blogs, is the one that “true” supporters still believe we are not going down to B Series. Let me slightly disagree. I’m a true supporter like no one, and I would like to believe we are going to stay, but I do not accept to be questioned as a supporter for I believe, unfortunately, we let the situation reach a nearly unsolvable status. I do want to believe, and I do want to stay with the team, but I do not accept to be relegated by my own peers just because I think we took action very late. I hope we survive, B or A in 2013, with the same renovation oxygen we have breath since last Oct 1st. Moreover, today is another important date on this process, but this is subject for another comment. Best regards, everybody.

      1. Good point, Newton. It’s not you optimistic or pessimistic inclination that determines your passion or degree of “palmeirensismo” (now that was a strange work I created right there). Cheers!

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