Palmeiras 0-1 Internacional

Third straight loss. Eighth loss in 14 rounds. Ten points summoned so far (that’s 24%, folks). Not in the very bottom of the tables thanks to Atlético Goianense and Figueirense also losing their games this weekend. That is Palmeiras in the Brasileirão so far. That is Palmeiras playing at the “fantastic” Barueri stadium where everyone, with the exception of supporters, feel marvellously comfortable and at home. Right. The fact is that Internacional were better than Palmeiras in every aspect last Saturday. Our midfield – again without Valdivia and Carvalho – leads nowhere. Carvalho should be back on Wednesday against Botafogo, as if that was something to celebrate. What Valdivia’s up to is anybody’s guess. It’s a shame Scolari doesn’t take the opportunity to really try out the promising kids from the youth academy. How much longer are we supposed to endure the likes of Patrik and Araújo?

It’s true that in several of the previous games the referees directly impacted the (negative) results. It’s equally true that Palmeiras during quite a few rounds gave absolute priority to the Copa do Brasil. Unfortunately, Palmeiras can’t afford the luxury to focus on the South America Cup if that implies in similar results to those shown to date in the Brasileirão: imagine trying to set up a squad for 2013 – Libertadores and all – while at the same time facing the tedious second division?

The math is simple: any team with 46 points should escape relegation. That means that Palmeiras need 36 more point, corresponding to exactly 50% of the remaining 72 points (24 games). Doable, if players are pepped to the max. Unfortunately, that’s the way it works. Spring these spoiled brats into action offering fat bonuses, fame and whatever else that make them tick. A relegation needs to be avoided at any price.

Avanti Palestra!

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