The Height of Glory – by Gabriel Santoro

EDIT: as predicted, also the second youtube video was removed. Follow this link for the permanent upload made available through Santoro’s vimeo page.

This video – telling the story of Palmeiras’ road to victory in the 2012 edition of the Brazil Cup – is something out of the ordinary. So out of the ordinary that a previous version reached Scolari and he had it screened for the squad before the final game against Coritiba.

The work of art bears the signature of Gabriel Santoro: a palmeirense with a lot of talent and dedication. One more example of how each and every one of us can contribute to make Palmeiras bigger, better, stronger.

The few spoken lines are in Portuguese, but it doesn’t matter: the emotion is there to be felt 100 per cent regardless.


ps. if the videos goes down, as it has before, it’s because of Coritiba fans moving claims to have it banned (some copyright nonsense). No worries: sooner or later a permanent link will be available and so will the video. In the meantime, try this link (not as good quality). 


  1. o amigão, a palavra que você quer usar é height, e não hight.
    Height é altura e palavras similares, enquanto hight é “arcaico”.

    1. A pressa é o inimigo da perfeição. Obrigado, Leonardo! Corrigido! Fique sempre a vontade de ajudar na redação, pois erros pra lá e pra cá vão sempre surgindo. Abraço!

  2. Link off, a torcida do coxinha andou denunciando o video pro youtube por cause de 5seg de video q o gabriel usou de um outro video da petrobras parece.

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