Vote for us in the “2012 Football Blogging Awards”!

“Anything Palmeiras” has been nominated in the “2012 Football Blogging Awards“, sub-category “Best Football Club Specific Blog”. The Football Blogging Awards were designed to recognise and award the best of football blogging and are decided entirely by the public.

I would very much like to count on YOUR vote to promote Anything Palmeiras and help spread Palmeiras’ name across the globe.

There are two ways to vote: twitter and facebook. For a vote to be counted it must follow the simple rules below.

Twitter: post the following tweet -> @TheFBAs @AnyPalmeiras #Club

Facebook: cast your vote for Anything Palmeiras following the link below: (you must have a facebook account in order to vote).

Please note: only one vote per twitter/facebook account (multiple votes will not count). Also, twitter RTs do NOT count as votes.

The voting closes midnight, 30 June 2012.

Thank you for your support! AVANTI PALESTRA!


  1. Congratulations on this nomination, I just found out about this blog and I must say, Im really impressed, AWESOME iniciative my friend, thats why palmeira’s supporters stand out from the crowd, keep up this amazing work!!

    Off topic: I see that your english has a lot of british influences and I cant help asking, is this the standard english taught in Sweden or have you lived in the UK?

    Saudacoes alviverdes

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Hugo!

      Well, British English is what’s taught in Swedish schools, but I’ve also lived one year in Bristol, UK.

      Cheers, volte sempre!

      ps. and thanks for the vote!

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