Botafogo 3-1 Palmeiras

Not much to write home about. Without four key players – Marcos, Valdivia, Kleber and Luan – in addition to injured Maikon Leite, Palmeiras was easy game for competent Botafogo. Scolari’s gameplan desintegrated within five minutes as Botafogo opened the scorecard and then steadily managed the game, taking full advantage of their superiority. We saw both 2-0 and 3-0 before Assunção, again in the very last minute of the game, scored with a free kick. Highlights below.



Had not São Paulo and Flamengo also lost, thing would have looked much grimmer. However, Corinthians and Vasco distanced themselves another three points from the Verdão as, obviously, also Botafogo did.

On Sunday, Palmeiras receive Cruzeiro. The team from Belo Horizonte lost at home to Figueirense and will be pressured to show results, even playing away. Palmeiras should be able to use this as an advantage, especially as the four abovementioned players should all be back in action.


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