Two Green Giants

Carlsberg, today the world’s fourth largest brewery group with breweries in 35 countries and more than 500 brands, was founded by Jacob Christian Jacobsen in 1847. The Dane revolutionised the science of brewing through methodical studies, in particular of yeast and its characteristics, and was so successful that Carlsberg, in 1904, became the first Danish brewery to be appointed a Supplier to the Royal Danish Court. The Crown on the label later leads to the Carlsberg Pilsner being given the nickname “Hof” (Danish for “court”).

A visit to the old Carlsberg brewery grounds in Copenhagen treats you to the quaint museum, a large bottle collection and the opportunity to taste several different Carlsberg beers. Wherever you look there’s green, green and more green: the traditional Carlsberg colour. What else is there for a palmeirense to wish for? Skål!



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