Recap: Vasco da Gama times two

Vasco da Gama 2-0 Palmeiras, South America Cup
On 11 August, Vasco beat Palmeiras 2-0 in the first leg of the South America Cup. Returning the score is difficult but of course doable, especially considering that Palmeiras did create more chances than Vasco but were unable to convert. The second leg will be played 25 August. Highlights below.





Vasco da Gama 1-0 Palmeiras, Brazilian Championship
Frustration. Total frustration. Palmeiras inability to convert reached unknown heights on the 14 August while Vasco were successful in one of the two opportunities created. Highlights below.



Focusing on the positive in this more than sensitive moment: Palmeiras did create heaps of chances to score in the second game against Vasco but, again, did not. Sooner or later, this scenario must change. Even with the team not winning any of the last four games and not having scored once in the last three, I sincerely and honestly believe in the ketchup effect. And it’d better happen in the game against Bahia, tomorrow Wednesday. A convincing win could make all the difference in the following crucial suit of games against São Paulo (Brasileirão), Vasco (South America Cup, second leg) and Corinthians (Brasileirão), allowing Palmeiras to stay in the fight for the top positions in the national championship while keeping the dream alive in the continental tournament. The nightmare scenario would be the opposite, with the Verdão out of the SA Cup and plummeting down the Brasileirão ladder on the week of the club’s 97th birthday.

More than ever: AVANTI PALESTRA!


ps. And yes, my wife is walking around with a rather pleased grin on her face. Luckily, here in Oslo I’m far from my father in law’s dito.

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